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Mission Critical Software for Construction Projects.


From 2023 onwards, Lily’s workflow technologies will help construction companies deliver better products. More cost-effectively and with less emissions and waste. 

Anssi Auvinen 


A structural engineer, architect, and construction industry deal maker with more than 20 years of industry experience.

Mikko Kotila


Technology leader with 25 years of startup experience in breakthrough technology research, innovation, and development.

Arun Raguraman

SVP of Engineering

Technology leader and a geometry mastermind with a proven track record in translating bold vision into practical technology.

Prasenjit Dey


Mathematical genius and extraordinary computer scientist. Previously early engineering roles in Amazon and Zynga.

Sruthi Rajender


A gentle human with the power to focus on the experience professionals have with their technology their work depends on.


> Design

Design eco-system with real-time model and version control for all common construction design software

> Objects

Material eco-system with collaborative management of pre-designed components for design models

> DataHub

Data eco-system for managing, transforming, and delivering design and non-design data across all business systems

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